Bill & Jo

Sunday, January 15, 2006

More Basement pictures.

Dad called and wanted to know why Bill wasn't working on the basement. So I had to run down and take a few pictures of the basement to prove that he's been working. Posted by Picasa

We still have to figure out where to put the lights but it's getting there. Posted by Picasa

Only 3 tiles left. 2 are where we have to get a piece for the sprinklers. Posted by Picasa

More ceiling pictures. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 13, 2006

New Year's weekend basement work

So here's the story, dad and mom came in for New Year's weekend. So Dad wouldn't get bored Bill had to work hard (after the trip to Cabela's on Saturday). They worked Saturday and Sunday finishing the beam in the basement. They then started on the drop ceiling frame. On Monday morning, Mary and I took an interesting trip to Home Depot to get the ceiling tiles. Our trip to Strawbridges was just as interesting but has nothing to do with the basement. So ask us later. After eating lunch, I had Bill and Dad get the ceiling tiles out of the van. So after they got them all in Bill's back felt like it was going to give out. So there was probably about a 5 min break before dad said, "I'm going to carry this (box of heavy ceiling tile) down to the basement." Bill's response was "Don't fall." Mom, Mary and I just started laughing. It was so funny. But as you can see all that hard work has paid off. They got a lot done that weekend. Posted by Picasa

10:30 pm Monday night Posted by Picasa

Dad had Bill working hard all weekend long. Posted by Picasa

Working hard on the basement. Posted by Picasa

A lot of the ceiling tile is done. Posted by Picasa

Dad putting up a ceiling tile. Posted by Picasa

The beam in the basement. Posted by Picasa

Close up of the beam Posted by Picasa

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas! The tree and presents. Posted by Picasa

One side of the tree. Posted by Picasa

The other side of the tree. Posted by Picasa

The new generation of the traditional Christmas photo. Posted by Picasa

Bill joins in on the picture. Posted by Picasa

Melanie after she sees the gifts. Posted by Picasa

Sami takes a good at all the presents. Posted by Picasa

Can we start opening our presents. Tidbit already started opening his. Posted by Picasa

A movie in my stocking. Posted by Picasa

Marshmellow pillows Posted by Picasa

A cool journal to write in. Posted by Picasa

A carebear tub toy. Posted by Picasa

Tidbit enjoying his Christmas present as he gets high from his catnip. Posted by Picasa