Bill & Jo

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Melanie and Sami on the first day of school. Posted by Picasa

On Monday Aug. 29th, Melanie started out for her first day of fourth grade. Posted by Picasa

They went so fast, we made them pose. Posted by Picasa

Melanie was in a Back to School fashion show at Fashion bug. Her she is on the runway with her runway partner Danielle. Posted by Picasa

Here's mom practicing with Abby. Oh did I forget to mention my brother and his wife are expecting. So I'll be an Auntie again some time in April. Posted by Picasa

Me and little Abigail. Sami got a little jealous during our visit. She didn't want me to see Abbby ever ever again. Posted by Picasa

While we were on vacation my best friend April had the nerve to have her baby. I don't understand why she couldn't just cross her legs. But she couldn't wait. Since I had a cold on vacation, I waited another week to see her. This is Abigail at 2 weeks old. Isn't she just adorable. Posted by Picasa

Mom and the shark she caught. I don't have a picture of Bill's shark. I will have to get it from my mom's camera. Posted by Picasa

Sami played with her bubble maker. She had a blast. Posted by Picasa

Mel kept Sami company on the kiddie rides. Posted by Picasa

We hit the boardwalk on our last night to ride some rides. Sami didn't like this one too much. Posted by Picasa

Does this look familiar? Sami just couldn't take it anymore and fell asleep on the floor under the table. Posted by Picasa

Mel is all set to go to the boardwalk. Posted by Picasa

Sami got all dolled up to go to the boardwalk. Posted by Picasa

Mel's action shot. Posted by Picasa

Sami swimming or at least trying. Posted by Picasa

The girls and I at the pool. We spent a lot of time there because it was so hot. Posted by Picasa

Sami and her friend Cashew (Peanut's brother). Posted by Picasa

Bill and Sami walking in the ocean. Posted by Picasa

Sami playing in the sand. Posted by Picasa

Melanie's friend from Assateague. His name was Peanut. Posted by Picasa

Our day at Assateague Island. Posted by Picasa

Melanie lost a tooth. A week later, she lost another tooth. Posted by Picasa

Melanie poses on stage. Her friend Sydney is Dorothy. And her friend Erin is behind her in the red shirt. Posted by Picasa

Performance arts camp. Melanie enters stage left. Posted by Picasa