Bill & Jo

Monday, July 11, 2005

She is no longer afraid of water like she was at the beach. :) Posted by Picasa

Cooling off with Nanny. Posted by Picasa

The girls tubing in the sun. Posted by Picasa

She is loving the water now. Posted by Picasa

Swimming with Dad Posted by Picasa

Fun in the sun. Posted by Picasa

The girls go for a ride. Posted by Picasa

She wore Pappy out after a long day in the pool. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Cute! Posted by Picasa

Matthias and his groupies.  Posted by Picasa

My girls at their finest. Posted by Picasa

The whole crew. Posted by Picasa

Crazy Aunt Mary and Uncle Brian. (Yep, I think Sami's hair will be like this some day) Posted by Picasa

The beach bums return. Posted by Picasa

King for a week. Posted by Picasa

Mommy and Daddy on a rainy day (I think dad is wondering how his lawn is doing). Posted by Picasa

I think my hair is going to be like crazy Aunt Mary's when I grow up. Posted by Picasa

A nice view. Posted by Picasa

Here is something we should have tried. Posted by Picasa

The generation X girls. Posted by Picasa

End of a long day for this little one. Posted by Picasa

Here is a cool river boat which stoped at a rest stop with us during a pleasure cruise through the Great Dismal Swamp canal. Posted by Picasa

My baby playing with 3 butterflys she made friends with at a rest stop. Posted by Picasa

Here is a friend we encountered on our trip home. Cute huh? Posted by Picasa

Mel in the pool again.  Posted by Picasa